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Episode 11: Beer, Nintendo Merchandise, Ingress, and Kim Dong Un…

Welcome back gamers to episode 11! This week we have a few extra gamers (Trey, John, Jeremy, and Kim Dong Un) We had a few drinks in us before the recorded the show, so please excuse our rambling. In this episode we cover some interesting topics. We discuss some of our favorite memories from gaming, Nintendo’s short supply of limited edition goods, Ingress, and VR just to name a few. Enjoy and please shoot us a line a rangers@gogopowergamers.com. We would love to hear from you! Game ON!

Episode 3: FCC, DLC, and Halo Woes

In today’s episode we cover, Nintendo’s financials, upcoming software changes to the Playstation Vita, and the troubling trend of DLC as demonstrated by Evolve. We also cover the recent FCC change in the definition of broadband internet.