Episode 9: Heists, Sieges, and Citizens

In today’s episode we discuss GTAV’s online heist mode dropping for consoles, the upcoming Rainbow Six Siege closed alpha, Star Citizen and its massive 100GB download size, a brief recap of February software & hardware sales for North America, and more.

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Episode 8: A Sega Shift, VR possibilities, and the expansion of Gaben’s Empire

Firstly, we apologize for the lateness of this episode. We got snowed in this past Thursday and Mike and I weren’t able to meet in one location to record. We didn’t want to record via Skype at lower quality, so we delayed this episode in order to meet up and record in our normal location.

In this episode we discuss Sega’s move to develop exclusively for mobile and PC, the possibilities of VR for the future of the industry in general and Sony’s Morpheus in particular, the expanded hardware market now available on Steam, the Unreal 4 engine becoming free, and much more.

Episode 7: Net Neutrality, a Nintendo Gold Rush, and Saban Censorship

In this episode, we discuss the FCC’s successful net neutrality vote to protect the open internet, the rush for the Gold Mario amiibo pre-orders and their resale prices, Saban’s censorship of the Adi Shankar Power/Rangers reboot fan film, and more.

Pardon the echo that is noticeable in the audio this week. Both of us had to record in separate rooms because Mike was out of town, so the audio quality wasn’t as high as previous episodes. We didn’t want to skip a week, so we made sure we recorded despite the circumstances!


Note: At the end of the episode, we mentioned that the Donkey Kong Country and Donkey Kong Land titles were on sale on the Nintendo eShop, but we did not mention the prices. Here they are:

All three Donkey Kong Country titles available for the Wii U are $7.99 each. If you purchase any one of them, Donkey Kong: Tropical Freeze is 30% off. That offer lasts until March 3rd.

All three Donkey Kong Land titles available for the 3DS are $3.99 each. If you purchase any one of them, Donkey Kong Country Returns 3D is 30% off. That offer lasts until March 3rd.

Episode 6: The Order 1886: Now in Theaters? and a Phantom Dust Spook

In this episode we discuss the controversy around The Order 1886, tackle some critical news about a shift in Sony’s strategy, Nintendo’s third quarter results briefing, etc. which lead to an interesting conversation around the future of the industry at large. There is also the unsettling news related to gaming companies sharing customer info with the government; how does this bode for consumers like us and you? We also speculate about the details of some initially nerve-wracking news about our most anticipated title: Phantom Dust, in light of developer Darkside Games being cut from the project.

We didn’t even have time for Zordon’s watch List and Goldar’s Gold Mine! So much news and so little time!

Episode 5: Steam Redlight and Sonic Bust?

In this episode we give an overview of Steam Greenlight and highlight the recent issues with it, discuss the critical and commercial failure of Sonic Boom: Rise of Lyric, and touch on a few other key stories regarding PSN sub-accounts, Nintendo’s Health Pillar, Bethesda’s upcoming E3 press conference, Star Wars Battlefront 3, and more.

Episode 4: Rasberry Pi’s and HuniePops

We discuss the Rasberry Pi, a brand of inexpensive, single-board computers developed for the purpose of teaching basic computer science. Gamers have since utilized these small computers can also be used for emulation in a number of awesome ways. We also talk about the recent Steam release HuniePop, a puzzle game/dating sim that has a surprising amount of depth and humor. We also discuss Sony’s recent financials, Apex 2015, Nintendo’s new Content Creator Program, and more.

Episode 3: FCC, DLC, and Halo Woes

In today’s episode we cover, Nintendo’s financials, upcoming software changes to the Playstation Vita, and the troubling trend of DLC as demonstrated by Evolve. We also cover the recent FCC change in the definition of broadband internet.

Episode 2: Step Up Your Game Nintendo

Today we discuss Nintendo’s recent stumbles and falters as well as possible predictions for the future of Nintendo in the virtual reality / augmented reality realm.. We even cover Amiibo and whether or not you should get one.

Episode 1: Phantom Dust Say What?

Welcome Power Gamers to our first episode! Today we introduce ourselves and give you a little information on our gaming background. We then move on to cover the disappointing spat of fall video games that were released broken. We also discuss one of our favorite games of all time, PHANTOM DUST!! We even throw in a little challenge to the guys over at IGN Podcast Unlocked. We challenge them to play Phantom Dust, which we are sending them, and dare them to tell us it is a bad game. Finally, we cover the interesting trend that DLC has taken in the gaming industry of late.