Author: Rami

Episode 14: Star Wars Celebration & Miscellaneous Musings

Hey guys, sorry this episode is coming out late. We’ve been pretty busy. In this episode we recap the Star Wars weekend and talk about how the response to the Battlefront reveal trailer from us and the masses. Let us know what you think by dropping a line at

Episode 13: Darkside Blindsided

In this episode, we primarily focus on the background information surrounding the circumstances of Darkside Games being fired by Microsoft over their work on the Phantom Dust reboot, a game we have been following very closely as you all know. The article we discuss is located here: We want to thank Jason Schreier for his excellent investigative journalism to get some details about this story. We discuss the article and our thoughts in depth regarding the split and the future of Phantom Dust. You can read the article here.

We also discuss Halo: Online, Squad, Splatoon, and Rainbow Six: Siege briefly. We’ll have a separate article with our impressions of the Rainbow Six Siege closed alpha we got access to. Enjoy guys, and make sure to drop us a line at

Episode 12: Angry Joe, Dimensions Evolved, and Nintendo Direct

In this episode we discuss Angry Joe and the fiasco with his Mario Party 10 video getting a copyright claim and his dissatisfaction with Nintendo’s policy. We also talk about the upcoming Battlefront 3 playtesting, Geometry Wars 3 and the recent content pack released for it, and the major points of the Nintendo direct.

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Geometry Wars 3: High Score Run! 68 million

Check out our high score run in Pacifism Classic mode for Geometry Wars 3. This conveniently coincides with the latest update to the game released today by Lucid Games which doubles the original content of the game. The update includes 40 new Adventure Mode levels, 20 Hardcore Mode levels in which super abilities and drones cannot be used, bonus levels, and a more robust Classic Mode. If you don’t have this game, now is the time to get it! It is the best classic shooter of its kind around.

Episode 10: Kojima says Sayonara, Nintendo goes Mobile, and Phantom Dust Unearthed

Welcome to our 10th episode! Sorry we were a little late getting this one out. Today we discuss Kojima leaving Konami and the potential reasons behind it as well as speculation about what he might do next. We also tackle the critical Nintendo announcement about their foray into mobile gaming and their console codenamed NX. Lastly, we break down the leaked Phantom Dust gameplay from the product being worked on by Darkside Games before Microsoft decided to change developers. Check it out!

Episode 9: Heists, Sieges, and Citizens

In today’s episode we discuss GTAV’s online heist mode dropping for consoles, the upcoming Rainbow Six Siege closed alpha, Star Citizen and its massive 100GB download size, a brief recap of February software & hardware sales for North America, and more.

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Episode 8: A Sega Shift, VR possibilities, and the expansion of Gaben’s Empire

Firstly, we apologize for the lateness of this episode. We got snowed in this past Thursday and Mike and I weren’t able to meet in one location to record. We didn’t want to record via Skype at lower quality, so we delayed this episode in order to meet up and record in our normal location.

In this episode we discuss Sega’s move to develop exclusively for mobile and PC, the possibilities of VR for the future of the industry in general and Sony’s Morpheus in particular, the expanded hardware market now available on Steam, the Unreal 4 engine becoming free, and much more.

Episode 7: Net Neutrality, a Nintendo Gold Rush, and Saban Censorship

In this episode, we discuss the FCC’s successful net neutrality vote to protect the open internet, the rush for the Gold Mario amiibo pre-orders and their resale prices, Saban’s censorship of the Adi Shankar Power/Rangers reboot fan film, and more.

Pardon the echo that is noticeable in the audio this week. Both of us had to record in separate rooms because Mike was out of town, so the audio quality wasn’t as high as previous episodes. We didn’t want to skip a week, so we made sure we recorded despite the circumstances!


Note: At the end of the episode, we mentioned that the Donkey Kong Country and Donkey Kong Land titles were on sale on the Nintendo eShop, but we did not mention the prices. Here they are:

All three Donkey Kong Country titles available for the Wii U are $7.99 each. If you purchase any one of them, Donkey Kong: Tropical Freeze is 30% off. That offer lasts until March 3rd.

All three Donkey Kong Land titles available for the 3DS are $3.99 each. If you purchase any one of them, Donkey Kong Country Returns 3D is 30% off. That offer lasts until March 3rd.