Month: January 2015

Episode 3: FCC, DLC, and Halo Woes

In today’s episode we cover, Nintendo’s financials, upcoming software changes to the Playstation Vita, and the troubling trend of DLC as demonstrated by Evolve. We also cover the recent FCC change in the definition of broadband internet.

Episode 2: Step Up Your Game Nintendo

Today we discuss Nintendo’s recent stumbles and falters as well as possible predictions for the future of Nintendo in the virtual reality / augmented reality realm.. We even cover Amiibo and whether or not you should get one.

Episode 1: Phantom Dust Say What?

Welcome Power Gamers to our first episode! Today we introduce ourselves and give you a little information on our gaming background. We then move on to cover the disappointing spat of fall video games that were released broken. We also discuss one of our favorite games of all time, PHANTOM DUST!! We even throw in a little challenge to the guys over at IGN Podcast Unlocked. We challenge them to play Phantom Dust, which we are sending them, and dare them to tell us it is a bad game. Finally, we cover the interesting trend that DLC has taken in the gaming industry of late.